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  • So here's what's up...

    I'm making a top-down spaceship game (e.g. asteroids) and at the center of my layout is a big, shiny star. On a separate layer above it is a misty space-dust tiled pattern that the ship flies behind. At the star's position, I've used a spotlight on the dust layer just like in the lighting example project to make the space-dust disappear since it looks weird in front of the star. Since I use "Force own texture", this all works just fine. Here's the problem. I've also tried to add another layer with more space-dust, but a larger parallax to create a nice sense of depth to the cloud. Is there any way to make whatever part of that layer is over the star also transparent? If I try to do "force own texture" to that layer as well, the clear spot on that layer moves around above the star because of the parallax difference. I've tried using the Pin behavior to keep the spotlight on top of the star but that doesn't seem to work either. Basically, I want a transparent hole through several layers at the same position but not all of the layers, and I want it to be in that spot regardless of layer parallax differences. Any ideas?

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