How do I design for multiple aspect ratios?

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  • I'm shifting from Unity to C2 because i have trouble with the 2D physics in unity.

    However, there seems to be difference how the two tools handle aspect ratios. I will mention the method i used. Can someone please tell me is there a similar method in C2?

      I choose a height (760 px). So my background is 760px.
      I set orthographic camera height to 3.8 because size=height/2/100. Now, this height remains constant regardless of screen size or aspect ratios.Unity only changes how much detailed the graphics are.
      Since 16:9 is widest, i design for this so that on narrower aspect ratios like 3:2 or 5:4, there is cropping on edges. So, i create background of width 1352 px. It fits 16:9 perfectly, but there will be cropping to the sides on narrower ratios.

    How can i achieve this with C2? Does the height change with screen sizes?

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  • Thanks. LittleStain i've been through that tutorial. What i don't understand from that is, if i design to 16:9, will it be enough? i mean it's fine if there's cropping to the sides.

  • If you want to allow cropping you should choose for scale-inner..

  • And what about the height? if i have 1352px X 760 px. Will it avoid showing black bars?

  • From the above tutorial:

    Scale inner mode

    Like Scale outer, this mode scales the view and uses the full display. However it handles aspect ratios differently: whereas Scale outer shows more of the layout if the aspect ratio is different, Scale inner shows less. Since it prefers to cut off parts of the view, it never accidentally shows content outside the window... but you still have the opposite problem - it might cut off something that you want to be seen!

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