How do I design a maze (labyrinth) ?

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  • Hello everyone,

    I am planning a maze game, where the player has to find his/her way through a maze. The maze will be a square or rectangular erea. When a level is finished, the player gets another maze to solve. There are obstacles, objects to find, secret places. However, my problems are not with the this but with the planning of the maze.

    How do I plan a maze before even coding a single line of coding?

    Also do I have to setup an array which stores the board postions, obstacles and so on? .

    I want to keep track of the user moving through the maze.

    For planning the maze, the paper size is not big enough to accomodate the whole maze. So I was thinking in putting 9 mazes (in a square or rectangle) onto one paper. Entries to bordering mazes will be number like S01, N02 which means South entrance 1 or North entrance 2.

    Any suggestions? I am new to Construct 2, followed some Udemy courses and tutorials and like to start to plan my own game. I always liked Mazes with some adventure, so that is my natural choice.

    Thank you all very much for your time spend on my request

    Wish you a very nice day.


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  • Thank you very much for the link to the maze algorithm website which gives me very good ideas where to go.

    I planning my labyrinth as a kind of citadel, where the player has to find his way, has to solve puzzles and riddles. I like to have the citadel itself a groundfloor level, where the main activities are. Then there will be a cellar under the groundfloor with the same kind of activities. But under the cellar there will be a secret "dungeon" where some key objects has to be found to complete tasks on the upper levels above. At some places there will be upper levels with different challenges.

    I was thinking on a vast labyrinth, but now I saw that page I am open for the idea to change some dungeons (labyrinth) every x minutes. Like creating an enchanted labyrinth. So if the player is fast enough he pass, when not the labyrinth changes and he has to start over from the present location in the former labyrinth.

    This game will be a mix between a platformer and a maze.

    I am now gonna work out all the different rooms, their connections with adjacent rooms, the objects, hidden places. See it like a floor plan. When I have the floorplan I am gonna draw all the different rooms, objects and characters. After that I will bring them alive in the game.

    What I am also thinking of is a kind of "ghost" character which chases the player through all the places of the citadel. It will not be smart or intelligent, it just travels from room to room to seek the player. It has no idea where the player is, only when it comes to any room adjacent to the players present room, then it gots an idea and move towards the player. The player only can outrun it or hide from it. This ghost cannot be destroyed. When there is at least one room between the ghost and the player, the ghost no longer have any idea where the player is and has to search again.

    The player has 3 energy bottles which is used to shoot spells on enemies or when hit by enemy fire, some energy is lost. The bottles can be filled by energy fountains, energy objects hidden throughout the game.

    Enemies will reappear once the player is out the room. That means when they come back, they have to fight the same enemy again but maybe with a different strategy.

    This is what I came up already. I am sure when I actually designing the game, I will design other pitfalls and traps. I really like this planning and designing. It is an exciting waste of time.

    Thank you again for your help which is very much appreciated.

    Wish you a very nice day.


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