How do I design the level on my platform game

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  • I'm making an infinite runner game, very similar to Cookie Run, but I don't want the obstacles to appear randomly, because I have 3 types of obstacles and I don't want them to overlap each other, so I need to design the entire level, but the limit of the layout is 10000 pixels and it's not enough space! What can I do?

  • You can separete level as layouts, when player came certain point the event triggers go to layout x. The layout x's start should have same apparence with previous layout's end. This should work. Keep object counts less in layers for performance.

    Also you can do it with events without moving player but it is more advance option.

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  • If you're making an infinite runner, you're really going to have procedurally generate your levels -- because they're actually infinite, and it will save you tons of work designing levels. The key is to generate your obstacles in such a way that they don't overlap, which is entirely doable, I'm sure. Provide some more information on your setup, and someone on the forums should be able to help you with that.

    EDIT: As an aside, layout size doesn't appear to be limited to 10000 pixels, so I'm not sure where you're hitting a wall.

  • You can use the array tool to create several types of objects but every x seconds it will generate one of the objects not two so they wont overlap. watch this video for an idea of what i mean....

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