How do I deploy "standalone installer" on mac osX & windows

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  • hi,

    i am making a very simple app for pc and mac osX i wanted to make sure about some things first so i can deploy.

    1. i remember that construct 2 had an option to export project and make a windows installer (like a normal program) i have exported using nw but cant see the installer packaged.

    2. how would i do the same for osX? a standalone installer or executable for my app.

    3. in case of osX would i need to have a developer account and go thru process of submitting the app or could the standalone be downloaded from third party and used on osX?

    time is of importance and suggestions are very welcome.

    i have searched thru tutorials and forums but most of them refer to iOS.

    thank you!

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  • 1. Google free custom installers there are plenty of them

    2 im not sure about osx installers google it

    3. you only need a OSX developer account if you want to sell in there store. You can host is on you own site or somewhere else and you dont need to be one

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