How do I deploy multiplayer to mobile

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  • Hi everyone,

    just looking for a bit of advice on creating a multiplayer game on mobile. I have had a search around the forum but I'm struggling to find definitive recent answers to all my questions.

    First of all, is deployment to mobile actually possible using the C2 multiplayer plugin?

    If it is, can anyone tell me what export options actually behave well?

    Are there any objects which don't behave well/don't work on multiplayer mobile beyond the ordinary mobile ones (like C2 buttons)?

    Finally, are there any other pitfalls of multiplayer on mobile devices?

    I've also read all of the available tutorials on the subject.

    Thanks for the help!

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  • C2 multiplayer plugin relies on WebRTC.

    As you can see in this chart several browser on mobile do actually support it.

    So you can export your game as website and ask you players to use specific browser on their mobiles to use the game.

    Moreover, thanks to the condition "Supports multiplayer", you can "lock" the execution yourself if the browser used doesn't support the multiplayer feature and let your player know they should use a different browser.

    Intel XDK (CrossWalk) relies on a Chrome base, so in the absolute an APK made with it should handle webRTC and so multiplayer.

    I'm afraid I don't understand your question about "objects".

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