Deleting sprite animations FOREVER?

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  • Hi,

    I've changed some of the animations in my game to smaller file sized versions of the same animations (thanks to the forum here I could see my original animations for 50 plus frames were too big and their sizes were 400x400)

    I've now made 20 frames at 100x100 but when I deleted the original using the edit image screen, does this totally remove them from the game?

    I ask because every other sprite needs to be removed from the projects bar.

    I'm worried that those huge original animations are still in the games memory.

    Any help would be great.


  • Animation frames are only saved if there's a sprite object that has them. Of course this includes unused animations and sprites, so if e.g. you have a sprite with the animation that isn't on the layout but is still in the Projects bar then the animation is still included. If the animation frames aren't anywhere in the project then they're discarded.

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  • Sup covered it and I would add it is a good idea to keep animation frames to a minimum and I try to stay under 10 and that is only for a main character with most having only 4 frames or less.

    Those long animations are what will really slow down the game load time.

  • Thanks guys.

    Back to the animation then for me! will try to get them down as much as I can.

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