Deleting multiple image points at once

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  • Hey everybody - I have minor snafu I'm wondering about:

    I added a couple of image points to 'all animations' on one of my sprites, and then later realized that I needed to name them differently.

    The 'Undo' function in C2 doesn't get rid of the new image points though - and as far as I know, there's not a way to delete them in bulk, other than going through every frame of every animation and manually deleting them.

    It seems weird to me that there's a quick way to add image points to every frame of every animation, but not a quick way to delete them all (either by name, or index, or something). Does anybody know of an easy way to do that?

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  • Unfortunately it seems to be one of those things that wasn't considered needed. You can batch add them easily but you will need to sit down with a large cup of coffee to undo it.

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