How do I delete savegames?

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  • Hi, I'm doing a survival game with a saved system and loaded (life, position ...) all this well, but the option to start a new game does not work, because construct 2 does not bring a direct option to clear the spaces of saved. Searching I found the option of "Reset global variables to default" which did not work. How do I completely erase a saved game?

  • This isn't currently supported, but you can work around it: use the Local Storage plugin to track which savegames are in use, and when you want to delete a savegame, just delete the slot name from LocalStorage instead.

  • I'm not sure how to do that. With the option to remove item? If I'm wrong, can you give me an example?

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  • I'm trying to achieve the same result Quique1222 was a year ago and Ashley's suggestion is the closest thing I've found to a solution.

    The thing is, when I tried to implement the workaround, I couldn't make it work.

    Here's what I did to pinpoint the problem:

    • I was able to consistently save and load the contents of a textbox using System actions.
    • With the save game in place, the result obtained from LocalStorage.KeyCount was 0

    I then created a test key directly with LocalStorage:

    While debugging on Firefox, I used the built-in Storage inspector to determine that they were saved in different folders:

    It can't be done, then?

  • It doesn't matter that they save in different places. Just save a key to localstorage at the same time as a savegame.

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