How to delete a saved scene?

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  • I have a little kids' game where each kid can save a scene that they create. But, if the kid's account is deleted, then I would like to delete the scene for that one account. As it is, if the user deletes the kid's account and enters a new kid with the same name (this happens much more often then you'd think) then that kid will inherit the scene from the previous kid.

    As it is, I can only save & load scenes, but not delete.

  • There's not much options unfortunately for deleting or clearing saves, especially if you're using the system save/load commands. You can only load/save and sort of clearing a browser's cache, there's not much option, especially if you resort to using nwjs.

    If you want more control, you'll probably have to use localstorage and a dictionary or array, where you'll have to clear each variable/value by hand.

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  • Thanks.

    I did get around it by assigning instance variables to the text object for the player's name, so I would know if it was the first time in. So when I get to the layout to load the scene I check the variable and if it's the first time in I delete all objects. Just needed to sleep on it, lol.

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