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  • All,

    With the new save system available, how do we use events to delete previously saved games. I realize I can save over an existing save, but how do I delete it completely?


  • I've been wondering this too...

    Anyone know how?

  • Just a though... if you can save over an existing game. Couldnt you just show the "save spot" or what you would call it as being empty in the UI. and then just same over it when someone wants to save a new game?

    I know that would still leave you with a saved game in the backend.. but it would not be there to the user <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Depending on how you are saving it could leave a ton of files over time using up a lot of storage if a new save is created after each death and the old save (which holds the state of the entire game) is just left there... That's just messed up.

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  • I meant something more down the lines of the game having 3 saveslot or something like that.

    Then if the user has used them all, and he deletes one of them. Then display an empty slot in the UI. When he then saves the next time in that "empty" slot. Overwrite the save game that already exists.

  • I am still curious about how to do this. If anyone has ideas, I am open to them.

    Would it be possible to add action that says,

    On "insert trigger", delete save state "your saved game" ??

    That would be helpful. Thanks,

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