How do I : Delete multiple audio files at one go ?

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  • I had imported a bunch of audio files with unicode names but since the next step after construct2 does not support unicode names, I need to replace them with files with ascii names . I have imported the new set and deleted the audio files from the folder, but the list keeps showing up in the sounds folder. Construct2 doesnt allow selecting multiple files and right clicking each file and selecting delete is a very long process(I can do it by spending 20 minutes, but this seems an inordinately slow and inefficent way to delete.

    Is there any workaround ?

    Update I selected the file whcih was at the top of the 'to be deleted' file and just kept pressing the delete button

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  • The last time I deleted the sounds and reimported, I had fewer files, now I have over 300 files.. isnt there a better way to select and delete all files from sounds folder than hitting delete for those many files ?

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