How do I delaying the drag functions.

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  • Hi all,

    I need to delay the Drag Function in my sprite.

    I would like to "drag & drop" is initial state / enabled after 0.5 sec but after releasing state / disabled.

    Maybe someone knows a different way, because what I'm trying to do is not working well.

    My sprite is percussion instrument that will be moved to the trash or anywhere on the layer, but when you will be playing drums I want to avoid accidental displacement.

    I'm counting on your help.

    Sorry for my English

  • Should work with events something like this:

    add the timer behaviour

    on sprite touched - start timer "whatever" for 0.5

    on any touch end - stop timer

    on timer - sprite set drag and drop enabled..

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  • ProDesignerOne

    From my experience enabling drag after the timer like LittleStain said means you have to re-Touch the object to start dragging, but there is a way to have drag enabled but not allow the object to move until after the timer though.

    Here is an example of having to touch and hold an object before it will drag:


  • Amazing!

    You are wonderful! I do not regret that I went from GameSalad.

    Thanks again.

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