How do I delay the destruction of an animated object?

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  • Hello all, yeah, like the topic title says, I'm just wondering... How do I delay the destruction of an animated object?

    For instance, when my "Character" collides with the "spellBook", which is spawned from the "friendlyghost" when the "Character" collides with it (friendlyghost), it (the spellBook) instantly disappear before even having the chance to fall to the ground and animate. So, again, how would I go about delaying the destruction of the "spellBook" when it collides with the "Character"?

    Thanks a ton,

    guannstar (FNORD)

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  • Your basically there but I don't see the purpose of the highlight area. Check when the animation is finished and touching the ground to activate the destruction of it. And if the book animation isn't set to loop you can check for when it has stopped or check when its 'not falling' anymore destroy it then. Cause I see you set angle so I assume you have 'platform behavior' attached to it?

  • PhoenixNightly, thanks a lot. I listened to what you said and it works now!:)

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