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  • Hi,

    I've gotten an issue with Crosswalk ads for my game. When testing my game, there's a delay in my ads appearing, the delay is around a few seconds. This can be quite intrusive as my full screen ads is supposed to appear before the Main Menu appears but because of the delay it appears sooner, most of the time during gameplay as my menu is pretty simple so it's quick to get into a game.

    This is also the case with banner ads to, it's quite frustrating. I'm using Cranberry's admob plugin and i've set up my admob account so i don't know where the issue lies. I've tried pre-loading both banner and intersitial ads but still the same result.

    Also, another thing is that when i download the game for the very first time, the ads don't appear when you play the first time and the game starts to lag alot. Once you exit and re-enter the game then the ads appear with the delay and the game performance improves.

    Sorry for the long post but hope someone can help.


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  • it's used to happen for me, if your game is endless runner i would suggest you only work with 1 layout, the loading screen the menu the game all in one layout , only reposition the view. and make the Ads load before the game start so when the camera move to the area you find the ads ready shown. if multilaout needed , maybe make a trick , make a little cutscene in the begining , about few seconds , enough time to ads load and everything is ready.

  • warville Thanks for the reply. The one layout isn't going to work for me as i've already put time into the menu, splash screen etc on seperate layouts, so i'm going to stick with multi layouts.

    Your idea of a cut scene isn't bad, but at the end it's just adding more resources to my game isn't it? I'd want to try and find a another solution before trying that to be honest.

    The thing is, when i tested with CocoonJS and mopub, the ads appeared straight away but just didn't appear all the time. I prefer to use Crosswalk as i personally think it's better. I've assumed that i've done something wrong in my game but the fact that it shows up straight away on CocoonJS suggests that i've done it OK. Are there any settings on Admob that i need to change that would help, or any other suggestions?

  • Is there a way to hide interstitial ads? You can hide banner ads but there doesn't seem to be a way to hide interstitial ads. What i wanted to do is create an event to hide a interstitial ads that show up on my game layout/during gameplay.

    Is there a way to do this?

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