How do I define borders in a textbox

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  • Hello, I'm a student working on my final project, and I am making a mobile app, I'm not very good at programing and it makes me kind of dizzy, so the teachers told me that I could use Construct, because it's more user friendly. The thing is that I'm giving the user the chance to post a message in my game, so it can be see by other players or the OP. I'm having a problem with the textbox though, cause it just writes to the side and it doesn't respect the borders of the box. Also I want it to save what the user wrote so it can be posted later on.

    The really big problem is that I was supposed to have 3 months to build this, and today the teachers said that I have to have a working model of my app, by thursday, so I'm kinda bummed, stressed out and trying to figure things out asap as I go.

    So far I've been working on the navigation of the app, but I still need to figure out this things, cause these are the most important features of it. Any help I would appreciate.

    Also, as I'm a noob here and I don't have much time, I don't really want to be messing up with plugins, I've seen some, dunno if they can help, but I wanna do this as simple as I can.

    Please I appreciate the help and the time.

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  • Textbox shouldn't do that. What are you using to test on mobile?

    BTW if you need to publish your assignment, and it's on iOS, take into account there's like 2 weeks approval waiting processes.

    You can use CocoonJS to run it on mobile immediately though. It's mostly drag and drop to launch the project.

    You'd have to use a plugin for textbox when using CocoonJS though. Plugins are really easy to install, you'd be done in 5 min time.

  • Yeah, I can just run it on my iphone to show it, cause it wont be really done by tomorrow, it's kind of imposible. I'm still not testing it on a phone, only on Chrome, I will do the phone test once I finish the prototipe.

  • Always phone test since you might get black screened at the last minute. Or the entire thing could stall completely have like 5 fps. Always test on mobile.

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