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  • Hi,

    I need to change the default loading screen background from black to white. The game needs to sit seamlessly into a white background website.

    Now before you say 'create a custom preloading layout' I've done that, but there is always a black screen that loads before the preloading layout.

    image here: dl.dropboxusercontent DOT com/u/3447537/preload DOT jpg

    (apologies but I cannot show the game content)

    It always shows the 'default' loading

    am I missing something here? Is there a way I can just change the default loader background color?


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  • Yes, I would like to know that too. How do I upvote this question? lol

  • anyone? this is super important :F

  • Yes, you can. But not in Construct 2, but after you export the project.

    1. Export your project to HTML5.

    2. Open the exported index.html file with a text editor (I recommend Notepad++).

    3. Find line 29:

    background: #000;[/code:2f99pzwp]
    4. Change [code:2f99pzwp]#000[/code:2f99pzwp] to [code:2f99pzwp]#fff[/code:2f99pzwp]
    5. Save.
    You can change the background color to any color. Look at HEX color codes (they are made of # and 3 characters)
  • [...]

    You can change the background color to any color. Look at HEX color codes (they are made of # and 3 characters)

    using only 3 characters (#RGB, where R,G,B represent the values for red green and blue respectively) limits the variety of colour you can have (3,360). I know it's not required for this post, but just for reference, you can make a colour like #RRGGBB which gives 16,581,120 different colour combinations.

    NB: My maths on the permutation numbers may not be up to scratch.

  • Thanks for the post Grig - but if I am reading correctly that will just change the HTML pages background.

    I need to change the background of the actual canvas the game loads in

  • Then you should look in C2Runtime and search for black, 000 or 000000

  • Tried looking in C2Runtime & changed the only Black in there to "white" still no dice.

    Any one?

  • OK - fixed it

    I *think* it was when I Changed - <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style" content="white" /> in index.html

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