How do I make a dedicated LAN host server?

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  • Hey everyone, I just recently updated to the full version of C2 but I've been using it for years. I know how to use the program very comfortably but I'm trying to learn how to take advantage of the multiplayer tool and it's boggling my mind. I've tried my hardest to tear apart the example projects and I've seen probably every single tutorial about the signaling servers and whatnot as that's what everyone posts a link to but I've read it a million times. My current goal is to make a host server for people to play on for a simple co-op game. A LAN connection is as far as I want to go right now. I know how to do same-device multiplayer but for two games to connect to eachother would be cool. I guess what I'm asking is for someone to really layout the absolute basics for peer-peer or peer-host connections like I'm a 5 year old. Thanks in advance!

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    Watch Video ^ Then read my comment.

    Let's keep it simple.

    Connect to signal server > login > join room

    You must sync all objects using the multiplayer plugin.

    Take the multiplayer plugin, rip away the laser bs and you have the basic multiplayer everything is based off of.

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