How do I deconflict clay/gamejolt plugins [closed]

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  • Edit - I contacted Austin at and he said that the way I'm managing it already is the only practical way of doing so.

    Dear everyone, presently I have the same game on and GameJolt and I'm using each site's plugin to enable leaderboard score posting. Is there a simple way of disabling the clay plugin for when my game is running on GameJolt? i'm not sure, but I imagine that GameJolt users would not be particularly impressed with a game if it first asks them to log in to their clay account (which I imagine many won't want to have).

    What I have resorted to doing is just before exporting the game for GameJolt I delete the plugin - the event sheet is set up so this won't break the game. After export I undo last action and the game is restored ready for further tweaking. Is this the only way or is there something more elegant I could be doing here?


  • I don't use it but, as a test once, I used the Clay.IO leaderboard and there is an option in your Clay.IO dashboard that allows you to disable the login for the leaderboard.

  • TheDom, thanks - although I can only find a disable guest log in option. If there is such an option for the primary log in on the clay website then I'm not sure it's what I need - I would like users to be able to carry on logging in to their games whilst gamejolt users don't see the clay popup.

  • if you haven't already, I'd reach out to austin from Clay.IO. Probably your best bet. Good Luck

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  • TheDom - good call.

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