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  • So I am attempting to build some code that uses an array to set certain values to each pixel coordinate(within the array) on the given layout at start of layout. As expected from this post being up here, the code is not working as I would hope.

    Out of this issue which arose about 5-6 hours ago came my quest to find something that resembled a debugger anywhere, or at least a half way decent tutorial on how to produce what I believed was a debugger. My frustration with the limited number of options(and fatigue from looking through forums and reading all of people's silly takes on why a debugger is not as important as X) has brought me to finally posting to ask for help.

    I apologize if this post sounds not very nice btw. It is late, I am tired and slightly disgruntled at my possibly productive night turning into a blog/forum/manual hunt and I would much rather be making a game right now. :)

    So the question(s):

    Is there a way to get a debugger that will walk you through your code without actually running it? Instead just providing you with a step by step account of how things are going(showing values and arrays and what not as they are being changed by each line of code)?

    Is there anyone with a plugin that specifically does this?(I cant find it if there is and the two options I have come across for debugging are not beginner friendly or particularly useful for me imo)

    Am I forever screwed and will just have to succumb to the forums and post my code and my problem for someone to help fix for me?(Like most that post here do...)

  • you can just make a text object...

    it won't pause the game but you can append to it at any event you want to check.

    Or, instead of appending a text object, you can juse use the 'browser | log to console' action.. and open the js console in your browser (ctrl+shift+J in chrome)

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  • Okay, but again, will it show step by step execution that will show me how my code is moving and what my variables look like every step of the way?

    Do keep in mind I only learned what debugging was about 2-3 hours before writing my original post and my programming experience is close to non existent. All I know is that I would like a particular feature and that it is part of a debugger.

    I am reading what you are telling me, but without very particular directions on how to do this and where to look for these things I have no clue what you are telling me I can do. < ---- Ignore this.

    I will now search for "log to console" and "Browser" in both the manual and the forums and see if I can gather information on how it works. If I am unsuccessful I will bump this thread.

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