How do I use debugger to est memory usage in Google Chrome?

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  • Doing some game optimizations, since construct 2 says memory usage is 437 MB (which is way too big).

    My understanding is this estimate is from the largest layout in game, is there a way to determine which that one is?

    Tried to use the debugger in Google Chrome, but it is telling me that "Est image memory" is unavailable. Also gave try in Node.js, but same.

    Have looked at some of my sprite sheets and know a couple of places to start looking, but would like to understand how to use this debugger feature better.

  • The debugger just shows the total image memory usage, although you could set up a mouse click event that navigates quickly through each layout and you can see the images loaded in memory per layout that way.

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  • Took the first hint of looking for the offending level by deleting and then restoring.

    Had a lot of incorrectly sized (not power of 2) and far too many frame animations.

    Went from 420 MB to 275 MB!

    Need to do a little bit of realignment, but was awesome.

    Thanks so much

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