How do I Debug my PhoneGap Build

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  • Hey everyone,

    I am experimenting with the PhoneGap exporter and the Adobe Cloud Builder. I don't have any issues with new and small projects but I want to try to port a bigger HD app to with that method to iOS.

    Problem: When I get the .ipa back from the Cloud Builder and I put it on my iphone the app always crashes on loading. I tried to take out differend plugins, to load other layouts on start and to remove music. None of it helped.

    The game runs very well on web and on CCJS (android and ios) though.

    My project size:

    Approx. download: 2.9mb

    memory use 22.6mb

    Events: 1036

    Initial Layout size: 1920x1000

    Fullscreen: Scale outer

    Scaling: High quality

    HDPI: No

    Orientation: Landscape

    Sampling: Linear

    Downscaling: Low quality

    Pixel rounding: on

    Preload sounds: yes

    Used Plugins:








    I also copied the project and reduced it to one layout and it worked.

    I tried to use the debug function that comes with the PhoneGap builder but it doesn't work or I am not able to figure it out.

    Does anybody know how to use that debugger so I can figure out what is causing the crash?

    My Device: iPhone 5, iOS 8.0.2

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