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  • Hello!

    I'm testing my project on IPAD 1 & IPAD 2 with appMobi export (direct canvas).

    My problem is that it crashes after a while but only on IPAD 1.

    Works perfect on the appMobi web emulator and IPAD 2.

    How can I debug in this scenario?

    Has the appMobi emulator some kind of resources (RAM & CPU) monitor? and the IPAD?

    For now I'm reducing my project functions to see what could be the problem, but this is very slow...

    Thank you guys :)

  • You can try with cocoonJS - they have a debug console.

    It's probably a memory issue.

  • The whole appMobi export is about 13 mb. Could it be memory issue?

  • Damn... in CocoonJS (on IPAD 1) works perfect.

    Where this "debug console"?

  • If it crashes, send it to appMobi as a bug report - hopefully they can fix it.

  • Ashley I want to debug a little more before that...

    One question, what happens with sprites and all objects when I go from one layout (let's say A) to another (let's say B).

    Objects in "layout A" will still being in memory?

    For example, I have 5 layouts, and all of them have their backgrounds.

    Do I have to destroy all sprites on "On end of layout"? I'm working with resolution for IPAD3 backgrounds, so maybe in IPAD1 there is too much garbage on memory.

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  • The textures are kept in memory, as they are downloaded at the beginning of the game anyway.

    For the instances, they get destroyed from a layout to another, except if their "Global" property is set to "Yes".

    As the original issue happens on mobile and depends on the wrapper/exporter though, the issue should really be reported to appMobi who are the best placed to deal about the issue.

  • GamerGon - everything your project needs is loaded on startup - currently nothing is loaded or unloaded from memory during the running of the game.

    directCanvas has no way to debug it. It's something I've struggled with too. If my tests don't work I have to send them to appMobi to investigate, so I'm afraid you'll have to do the same :-\</p>

  • Kyatric Ashley so, destroy backgrounds "On end of layout" is useless?

  • I don't think it does indeed.

    In C2 logic, such "cleaning" is already processed automatically and if anything, it would just add to the process.

    IIRC the destroy action does not actually destroy/clean from the memory because of recycling. I think it rather marks the memory address as "to be used" on next object's creation.

    The original issue has probably more to see with iPad 1 and his close to non-existing HTML5 gaming support (HTML5 was merely born when the iPad 1 was released).

  • Thank you guys :)

    Kyatric I found out the problem. Like superkew said, it was memory because I changed every sprite from IPAD 3 resolution to IPAD2/1 resolution and it doesn't crash.

    Ashley, are there any plans to make the game load layous or "levels" on demand and don't load the entire game on memory at start? or maybe remove objects from memory on demand? :)

    Thank you again!

  • Yep, that's been on the todo list a while.

  • :)

  • GamerGon hello, I also got same issue with iPad 1. It continues to bounce back to main screen every time I tried "Test Anywhere". My whole game only 5mb without sounds. Could you please tell me how small is the resolution so it doesn't crash? In my game the sprite size ranged from 100px to 1024px.


  • baterism all my backgrounds where 1536x2048 (IPAD 3) in the past. Now all of them are at maximum 768x1024 px and it doesn't crash on IPAD 1 neither IPAD 2. Now I don't use sprites with bigger resolution than that :)

    Good luck!

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