How do I debug a Grid_MoveTo problem?

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  • My chess pieces are not moving using the Grid_MoveTo action, but if I substitute the MoveTo action - it works fine.

    I think I need to get the Grid_MoveTo action to work though so that everything else I need to do later on works.

    I've attached a capx of the current file... any pointers as to why the chess pieces arent moving would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks guys

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  • I know this will be painfully simple lol.

    Of anybody could just have a quick look and tell me what I've done wrong I'd be grateful. I've copied the events like for like from a demo file where the grid_moveto works fine.

    I keep hitting these little roadblocks and spending hours trying to figure out simple logic issues

  • I have figured out the problem, and i'm posting the info here for the benefit of anyone else who may end up in the same boat.

    Its something to do with the Z layer of the destination tile I believe. Not quite sure what I did wrong, but I changed the behaviour property to forced move - and its working fine.

    There must be a problem with how i setup the tiles?

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