Debug Crashes [SOLVED] for now

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  • Is there a way to track app crashes on device?

    I have an app that I'm testing. Usual story. Runs fine locally, but crashes on an Android device.

    Seems to be ok on Samsung S3, but lasts 5 minutes on my Galaxy Tab 4. No error, simply quits.

    Runs fine in Intel XDK emulator and on the debugger.

    Timed it and it crashes nearly exactly every 5 minutes after launch, which is strange as there is no function that is called every 5 minutes.

    No error is reported on crash. So is there a log file stored on the device that I can access or is there an app which can log the error?

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  • Actually just realised that my computer has restarted 3 times when running the app preview in Chrome.

    That's a complete shut down and restart.

    Very strange behaviour.

  • Not that I know how to fix it, but does it happen if you run other apps in the debugger?

  • Thanks, no just the one app is causing problems.

    Profiler Shows

    14 objects 60fps 5% CPU 66.4mb images webgl

    Fan keeps kicking in though

  • You can try to share the capx

  • Turned off all banner and inter ads and now it doesn't crash.

    For reference:

    Unbounded scrolling: Yes

    Fullscreen in browser: Scale outer

    Fullscreen scaling: High Quality

    Use high DPI display: Yes

    Orientation: Portrait

    Enable WebGL: On

    Sampling: Linear

    Downscaling: Medium quality


    Crosswalk version 11

    Cranberry admob plugin

    Left Cranberry admob plugin in build (just in case I use in later)

    Deleted all references to admob within app (no calls)

    Exported app now runs without crashes

    With admob test ads set at image only was getting less than 30 fps

    Without admob getting between 50 and 60 fps

    Layout size 768 x1366

    Window size 768 x 1024

    Very frustrating day

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