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  • Hi Friends,

    I searched for this in the forums but I couldnt find anything useful. Can someone please tell me How Can I debug my eventsheet?

    Thank you


  • Debug... an EVENT SHEET? Either something is wrong with my head today, or you aren't quite understanding what debugging is.

    Did you, perhaps, wanted a showing of which events are being done as you play your game? Or a feature that searches for bugs?

  • There is a debugger in the latest builds. You need the latest beta (r139 doesn't have it), then just hit the debug button next to the preview button.

  • fassFlash -> Since I develop softwares for more than 10 years in any language, I bet I know what I ment better than you!

    Debugging the event sheet means I want to set BREAK POINTS AT CERTAIN EVENTS ! Which are in EVENT SHEET.

    I want to walk thgough those events step by step if it is possible.

    Ashley Thank you for your reply. I think I have the latest release. I will look for that button or will update to the new version.


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  • Debugging particular events is not yet implemented if I'm not mistaken, but is indeed in the (evergrowing) todo list !

  • "Debug... an EVENT SHEET? Either something is wrong with my head today"


    Oh god, I knew it.



    <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I still don't get it.

  • The cat with the lemon helmet is quite the little brat.

    Anyone with at least basic construct2 understanding would figure it out.

    Debugging is quite an art.

    Before debug mode came out, we ignorant savages would just set Text objects to check for stuff...

    fassFlash welcome to the internet.

  • k thanks

  • Sargas ?

  • cantek

    That would be a very useful feature to have. Right now I end up analyzing by visually walking over my events and imagining the results of each one. Its not ideal and I often have to do some tests in a separate capx to see what a particular condition or actions does before I can analyze it in my events. It would be much easier to see what's going on if the debugger allowed you to step through events and see what's picked at each step. It would be and invaluable tool IMO especially for beginners as it would show you exactly what's happening.

    It's the main feature that's lacking from the debugger that would make it like a debugger for standard programming languages.

  • R0J0hound Yes indeed.I hope there will be a debugger which is closer to a real debugger in next release. It is indeed a really important feature to have. I am searching some guidelines to create plugins for C2. Maybe there can be a way to create a plugin for that.

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