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  • In a normal programming language, I could either:

    1) put print statements in key places to see if they are being called.

    2) step through with a debugger.

    How does one do debugging in construct 2? E.g. is there a way I can add a print statement to output to a console as an action? Or some preference to log every event?

    E.g. To see which events are being triggered, or to know what the instance variables are.

    I guess I could reserver a space in the game gui for debug comments, and use set text on that, but this is pretty invasive.

    Any ideas?

  • There's a plugin that lets you print to the console:

    I haven't tried it myself, I generally just use text objects.

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  • I usually simply use either a text or a textbox (type textarea) object and put some "set text to" action where you would put print() with other languages.

    I used to use the debug panel plugin from rex, but I often forget to delete it before export and as it opens another browser window, I often lose it behind my window so it's a pain. That's why I don't use it too much now.

    Maybe Ashley could add the ability to prevent some plugin from being exported as a plugin setting or an object property.

    Anyway, at some point I'd like to have a real debugger which displays any object values (no need to add tones of actions).

    Maybe a chrome and firefox plugin could do the trick.

  • Excellent info, thanks!

    I'll try both options

    +100 credits to ramones & Yann.

    Cube maze is cool - the voiceovers are excellent too.

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