Dealing with physic and particles ?

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  • Greetings constructors,

    I'm currently dealing with a little something you may have heard of : particles ! In my current project, they are working fine, and spawn every time I need them to do so (mainly as dust when the protagonist is walking or jumping on specific surfaces). But I need to get more control around that.

    In some peculiar cases, "particles" will have to "stop" and "sleep" in one exact position until another event triggers their awakening. And this is impossible with the current C2 particles system.

    The perfect way would be for my "particles" to use the physic engine (Chipmunk in my case). I need to tweak stuff in the events to "simulate" particles with some physics. And as I found out this week, It's easier said than done. I did some research regarding such cases, without success.

    Now I'm not asking for a capx or a ready-to-go solution. Finding out is part of the fun. But all my attempts failed miserably or/and gave frankly broken results. I'm starting to get lost, so If anyone around there could give me a clue or the general direction to achieve this, I'd be grateful !



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  • You can set particles' timescale to 0. All particles which are already on the screen will freeze.

    Of course, if you need to control individual particles, you have no other option but to use small sprites instead. Add Fade and Bullet behaviors to the sprite and you should be able to replicate almost all visual effects of the Particle plugin. Plus you can use animations, change frames, rotate and do many other things with events.

    If you need physics just for the gravity/bouncing off walls, you can do the same with Bullet, it should be better in terms of performance.

  • Hello, thanks for answering my question. Your time scale solution works like a charm ! I'm surprised it has never ever been brought up earlier in the various threads I've read during my researches. Everyone was talking about physic or bullets behavior, to replace the actual particles. I'm glad to see that there is actually an easier way to achieve this result !

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