How do I deal with vertical parallax?

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  • Hi! I'm having real big issues trying to set the parallax for a vertical scrolling. Let's hope someone can point me out.

    I've read all the documentation on the forums regarding, plus the tutorials and so on but all of them mostly refer to a platformer horizontal parallax.

    I've gotten the horizontal to the way I want. Now the problem is the vertical one. I've made my images to my screen size which is 320x200.

    I use a few layers depending on how much depth I want to get. Currently for this level I use a farbackground, a middle one, a close one and the closest one. So they're 4 layers for the background parallax.

    My game is a platformer. The very moment you go up or down in a layout is when the backgrounds start to look sketchy and some of them since they're kinda like a "floor" they just look like cutted off.

    I made a mockup with basic backgrounds to explain this easier. The only I actually use for the proyect is the far one, the other ones are just for expalining purposes.

    So this is just with Parallax 100 for the Y vector (except the far one with 10)

    As soon as I tested the parallax quickly came to mind that this was going to be hard. So I started messing around.

    Parallax 20 / 30 for the middle and close.

    Here I was like, well, we're up to something, maybe is not that hard. Let's jump down:

    Oopps, guess that's not working either.. So I was like let's try with 0 for the Y vector, and it does the trick for whenever you're on the bottom side, but looks freaking weird while falling and is not the look I'm trying to get.

    Could someone point me out in the right path please?

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  • Any tips?

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