How to deal with swaping between 2 player objects.

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  • I want to make a game where the player can control 2 entities: A and B, but one at a time(Sort of like in the game Trine or Trine 2, but only with 2 characters, not 3). You start controlling entity A, and when you press the Q key, I want entity B to appear(spawn) at entity A position and hide A(destroy A object). When you press the Q button again, I want the opposite to happen, A appears at B position and A dissapears and so on. The thing that I am having a problem with is that I want both my objects to have a scroll to behaviour and I also have to keep both objects on the layout from the start to be able to spawn them and for this particular reason, the scroll to behaviour makes the screen scroll to something like the median from the position of the 2 objects. Any suggestions on how to fix this are welcomed. Thank you!

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  • A simple fix for that would be to disable the scroll to behavior of the hidden object.

  • Thank you

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