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  • Hey people

    The basics of the project I'm working on are done. My dude can move, the physic works like I want it to work, my lamps aren't some dumb and weird snakes anymore and the whole thing starts to be something different than a little piece of sheet. So, now, I have to care about more "graphicals" tasks, like the animations, the background, a parallax, and some light.


    Every single tasks evoked above are not very difficut if we have at least some Photoshop or WhateverTheSoftware skills, but making a convincing lighting with Construct 2, however, seems...weird. I mean, basically lights cut a hole in the "darkness", and that's the only thing I can really do, isn't it ? I hope the answer is "no" because I would like to have an ambient light. More diffuse.

    My lamps will be the source light. Any idea ?

  • No idea ?

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  • C2 has the shadowlight object, but if that doesn't work for you there are always the old ways of faking it..

    What exactly is the effect you are aiming for?

  • Hello LittleStain thanks for answering

    Well as far as I tested it, with Construct 2 behavior I can only do something like that :

    A hole in the dark. But I just want something like that :

    (for the example only, so some light source which provides an ambient light, not a hole...I know this screen doesn't have a real light it's more like a painting or something. It's just to show you the idea, the master words are ambient light.) I don't know if it's possible. If It's not I'll just fake it by making a glow-thing with Photoshop and use it on my lamps, like that :

    But I would like to have a "real" light.

  • Every "real" light is fake in a game..

    All of it is graphic effects and you decide which one you use..

    You could either make the graphics in an image creation program, or use things like blendmodes and/or webgl effects to get the result you want..

    There are multiple ways to get the job done..

    It's up to you to find the one that suits you and your project..

    If your lights are static, going for the image creation is usually the best option, dynamic lighting requires a lot more planning and choices..

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