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  • Hey everyone!

    My day to day struggle in C2 is always always always resolution and positioning things on the screen.

    I'm trying to optimize my Pixel Golf game to work for iOS devices (and Android), so I set up my game to be 960 X 640 (it's a landscape game). I'm using the Scale Outer setting which works pretty well except for the obvious screens like the iphone 6, + and newer iPads. It's the obvious you can see more of the right side of the layout and some more at the bottom, which I expect.

    The problem lies in the fact that my game is a golfing game with simple levels but it ends up changing the dynamic of the hole if the right side of the level is showing more which means maybe the level can be a bit easier than not seeing all of it. So then I thought fine I will just make the level drop off right where I know the 960X640 screen would show, but then it just makes all the levels look silly with the right side always just ending before the end of the screen.

    My question really is, any suggestions? Do I try and keep those settings but try and get my tilemap of the level centered on larger resolutions which would at least make the hole look more symmetrical with both sides dropping off? Do I try and figure out a good way of some sort of zooming for larger resolutions?

    Thanks for your time!

  • Shouldn't the top and bottom always be safe if you're using scale outer? That's what I do as well, except for my apps the extra side space is nonfunctional, just border effectively, which makes it easier.

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  • I thought so too, but once I try it run the game on an iPad I can see below my tilemap. I think it has to do with the iPads having a different ratio or something to the 960x640?

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