How do I do deal w/ these 'copies' of objects?

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  • Here is the thing:

    I'm building a game in wich you drag n drop blocks from Area1 to Area2 and when it gets to Area2, something specific happens. I'd like that, even after I place an object in Area2, a copy of the same object appeared on Area1 so that I could place it again.

    I tried to use 'spawn' and 'create object' but they don't work, so I just made a bunch of copies of the object and placed it one over the other, hiding them.

    The point is: it looks like the same events that correctly place the original object in Area2 and execute that 'something specific' don't work for the copies. They are just draggable objects, not fixing anywhere or doing anything! How can I put one object beside it's copy, both of them executing the same events? When I want to move one to position X, for example, both are moved.

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  • Hiya, even from the description and screenshot I'm struggling to work this out. Create object at x,y should be fine for you, I don't know why you were unable to get that to work. Also when you use events such as 'on dropped' it will pick the instance that was dropped so should not affect any other copies.

  • I'm not sure I understood what you're trying to do, but here's an example.

    In this example I have two areas (spawn and drop). You don't have to define with sprites, as I did. They may be defined by their X and Y instead. When you drag an object from Spawn Area it spawns another object randomly positioned inside that area. When you drop an object it checks if it's over the Drop Area. If that is the case, the object is flashed and randomly positioned inside Drop Area, if not,the object is destroyed.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


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