How to deal with cheaters?

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  • Does anyone know how to protect variable numbers from hacking cheaters? I'm already beginning to get bored when my games are hacked by small children ...

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  • You can't really protect your game from hackers, the best you can do is make their job harder.

    I'll quote my answer from a similar post:

    You can keep your score hashed at all times. Check if the hash is correct before adding points or submitting the score.

    Or keep track of the score in 2 different variables - one in clear form and another in some encrypted/obscure format. (Multiplied by 3.14, converted to text, written backwards etc.)

    Display the clear variable in your game and don't check its integrity, allow the hacker to change it. But when it's time to submit the highscore, de-crypt the other variable and upload it.

  • I still had an idea to use Array. I think if I write a variable into an array and then also add points from other array rows. Is it possible? Or is it also easy to crack as a variable?

  • If cheaters use some automated software that simply scans the memory for values and changes them, they the array will probably not help.

  • Thanks for the help, I will now make new projects by checking the meaning of the text or multiplying by a number. With the hash I have not worked yet, so I'll probably leave it aside.

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