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  • So I have dealt with this quite a bit with all the random little games I put together:

    Lots of random stuttering of graphics while moving even in the simplest solutions. It happens less on my PC at home with really good specs but it does still do it erratically while testing.

    Here is an example of something real simple. The falling icicles randomly stutter for me while falling while just doing local testing. Then I decided to try a Node-Webkit export and the stuttering seemed all gone (maybe a small one in the beginning).

    Can anyone tell me if they get stuttering with the falling icicles and if you have had this, was there some sort of setting you use to not have it?

    I worry about it because most of the games I want to do involve iOS and I know my computer specs are much better than most iOS devices which I know the stuttering could be worse on there.

    Thanks everyone!

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  • Seems fairly stable here.

    I might suggest taking it off fullscreen.

  • using LERP helps a bit takes away some in my usage of it for scrolling

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