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  • I am struggling bad to wrap my head around using arrays in C2. I am a database programmer and anything I build I put the data in a db and can eaily loop it to get data or hit a record direct. Can someone help me relate that in Array terms?

    What I am looking to do I think is dead simple, but my brain is fighting. Store the below values so I can access them later:

    Name   Type    Buff

    Sword Weapon   1

    Helm   Armor    0

    Three values for an Item, two items total. How does this look in an array?

    I was thinking Array Width-3, Height-2, but for the life of me no mater how I build/store and retrieve it, it dosent come out right.


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  • You have 3 columns and 3 rows, so you need a (3,3,1) sized array.

    The default height is 1, it can't be 0 or the array would always be empty, so if you want to add two to the height, that makes 3.

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