Day to night cycle

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    Has anyone tried it?

    I'm not asking for a paragraph on how this would be done, im just wondering if this is possible yet without the color mask feature that construct 1 had.

    You could use a black sprite that covers the screen and change it's opacity. For a smooth transition you could try using the sine behavior or the lerp expression.

    For a full control over the colors, I guess you'll have to wait for GLshaders.

    But you could very well cheat your way out with a black sprite on a top layer, covering the whole play field, and having an opacity ranging from 0 (full day) to 50 (full night) for example.

    Edit: Rahhh ninja'd ^^

    lol, its okay Kyatric you went more into detail than R0J0hound, but thanks guys

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    Day & Night cycles are always implemented or planned as..

    Night - Darken the Screen

    Day - Normal

    But we shouldn't forget Dusk & Dawn, the tints of orange and purple you get at certain times between Day and Night etc.

    Such a system is going to be fun to do once the WebGL shaders are in!

    Rory Yeah, the middle transition will probably just have to be gray as of now.

    Actually you can try adding a dark orange additive layer over it.

    Lol... same old Mipey doing amazing things in construct 2, thank you again!

    Nice ! Thanks ( and a link in How do I FAQ ? )

    Something like this? (capx)

    Yeap, exactly!

    Nice one Mipey <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    An additional step, dawn is purple.

    <img src=",nature,photo,wallpaper,color,colored,sky-082820f6c0786d824f0600ee1323d55a_h.jpg" border="0">

    Heres my edit,

    More like this..! (capx)

    Rory: Link just leads back to this thread :P


    Sorry to drag up the thread again, but any idea on how to get the example to work with what I'm trying to do? I've got a time system based around the fact that 24 hours is 1440 minutes, and converting those minutes to 24 and 12 hour time accordingly.

    As well, are there any shader effects that would be useful?

    I'd like to bump this old thread, as well. The expression is incredibly useful, but I can't get it to keep my sun within the layout.

    My layout is 1600 by 900. I want the sun completely within that layout throughout the day, but whenever I change the X expression, it ends up being left-aligned rather than centred. Any of you guys have any ideas?

    Here's the layout with the basic elements: [attachment=0:iaw3grlp][/attachment:iaw3grlp]

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