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  • Hello Scirra forum :)

    I'm trying to use the touch object in this level

    of date's adventure, but i don't know how i tried to read the manual and the tutorials but its not working also :(. Can any one helps me with that?

    By the way the player has only "scroll to" behavior and it's always attached to another sprite that has the "platform" behavior.

    Thanks in advance and wish u all a great day :)


  • IIRC, touch is for phones, IMO: keyboard keys+touch wouldn't work very well unless it's for devices with slide out keyboards.

    What are you trying to achieve with touch? That'd probably be a good start on how you could be helped. :)

    edit: rex has an awesome touchmouse behavior that will help debug touch commands on the PC.

  • What is it about the Touch object you need to know?

    Have you looked at the posts under the Touch heading in the How Do I faq?

  • Khaz I'm trying to make it possible for android and ios users to access the game from their phones and play it using the touch plugin. That's what am asking about "rex behavior" how to use it in the game to control "right, left, jump, double jump and the bottom directions".

  • zenox98 I looked at the How do I faq and tried to use the touch behavior but its not working in the right way with me. I'm trying to make the player "who has only scroll to behavior and attached to another platform behavior" able to run left and right, jump, double jump and sit.

    Can u help me with that by creating an easy example describing the touch controls for an easy platform game.

    Thanks :)


    The only thing you really need to do is include some 'physical' buttons for your player to be able to touch.

    Hope that's what you meant. :)

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  • Khaz Thanks a lot... I really appreciate ur help, but in ur example when i press the right arrow "for example" it just move one step so i need to press release press release to make him walk. Can i make it running by just press the arrow once and stop when i release it.


  • mina, replace the "on touched" events with "is touching object" events.

    Also, if you set the touch object property "Use mouse input" to yes, you can get rid of the mouse object and the events regarding the mouse control.

    In the end it should look something like this :

  • Yes as Kyat said, "on touched" will trigger a single touch. If you want it to continue to be active as the player presses, you must use either "while in touch" or "is touching" commands.

    Hope this helps :)


  • Kyatric Thanks 4 ur help.

    I tried to use the is touching object 4 the right and left directions and it works fine.

    For the top direction i just left it as it is "on touch object" but i want it to work as it is in the game now; ie:

    if he is standing and jump the strength of the jump will be different from the case of he is running and jump. and in both cases there is two jumps one if he is in the floor and the other if he is on the sky.

    Thanks again and wish u a nice day :)

  • SoldjahBoy Thanks and sure it helps :)

  • Kyatric I also want the platform behavior to work not just adding or subtracting 5. like when i press the right arrow the player running animation will start to work, when i press the top arrow the jump and fall animation will work also and the same thing with the down arrow and sitting animation.

    So is that possible?


  • Yes, you can have anything happen upon release. The only bit you need to take away from my example are the buttons.

    [ is touching >> run animation is != touching >> set default animation ]


  • That's what i did <img src="" border="0" /> it works fine for the Right, left and the normal jump, but it's not working for the down and double jump.

  • Thanks everybody, I did the jumps different strength and working on the sitting.

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