Dash timing, stop on attack, and combo

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  • Dash problem:

    The "Player" has a "Dash" that boosts him until the animation stops....however sometimes that animation is interrupted and he continues to go at a very fast pace. Is there anyway I could fix this by having the "Player" go fast for a certain length of time starting with the animation?

    Stop on Attack:

    The "Player" can still move while I have him attack. How can I get him to hold still during animations "Attack1", "Attack2" and "Attack3"?

    Combo Attack boxes:

    I like my attack combo boxes, but the problem lies when I jump and press left click which enables the "AirAttack1" animation and I have the boxes from the combo I set up coming into play. They should only be "AttackBox2" every time I left click while jumping.


    WASD to move, Left Click to attack and Ctrl to Dash

    Many thanks to anyone who can help or even attempt to help

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  • Stop on Attack:

    Simply disable the input control while executing a attack animation

    if you are using the "platform behavior" for example, simply enable the

    Set ignoring input action to disable

    and re-enable it at the end of your animation (you can use "on animation end" or compare the current animation frame to what ever frame number you want him to regain control on. eg: if on frame 10 of the animation set ignoring control to false

  • Thanks Justifun, I'll try it as soon as I get home from work.

  • I got it....kinda. I mean I have it working, but it's not exactly as I want it. Do you mind taking a look at it and seeing if there is anything you would do differently?

    Both on the left and right click of the mouse


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