Dark line appearing on my platform....

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  • I've got a really annoying issue with the platform for my game, when testing out my game i've noticed a dark line that appears on some of the platforms and i can't figure out why that is. It happens on random platforms and can be quite noticable, especially when you notice it the first time. Most platforms appear correctly, but the ones with a dark line at the top are really bugging me and have no idea what it could be.

    I've posted a picture below so you can see.

    Also what i have noticed is that if i erase just small bit off the top of my platform, a line appears that forms the shape of the platform, which you can see below.

    I don't know why this appears, whether its a bug or not but it's really annoying. Can anyone help me out on how to fix this?

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  • Anyone? Sorry to bump this but could do with some help to sort this out.

  • Is your platform using the tiledbackground plugin ?

    Anyway, it sounds like the line is part of the texture you import.

    Perhaps post a complete capx to let us investigate further.

  • I have the same issue, And i solve it by set the height of tiled in minus.

  • Kyatric Yes i am using a tiledbackground but I don't think it's the texture i'm using thats the issue as only some of the platforms have the dark line. Here is a capx i quickly made to demonstrate my problem

    A0Nasser I tried your method but i still get the same problem.

  • Any luck with this?

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