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  • So er, does anyone else get this annoying thing where something will work perfectly in one project and not in another?

    Right now I've got two problems (Got more than that but i'll use these two as an example):

    Class Selection:

    I have implemented 3 classes but for some reason player 1 can only access two, and player 2 can only access one.

    P1: Roama, Suar (Cannot access Zenist)

    P2: Roama (Cannot access Suar or Zenist)

    Any attempt to do access them and it sends me back to Roama...

    Now in my past project I had a space shooter that you cycle through 4 weapons and depending what weapon you had was a different shot. So i'm using that basis yet it's blocking me from accessing stuff this time round.

    I would argue it's to do with my programming but i've done this stuff before and it works fine.

    I'm thinking it's something to do with the program now because I set up this coding earlier as a test and yet it gave me this result...

    Every Tick > Player1HPText | Set text to "Player1" (Player1 is my global text variable for player 1's class, which is naturally set to Roama on start of layout.)

    Yet when I run the game normally it literally displays the letter "R".

    Even when I run in debug mode it tells me it's Roama the variable is Roama.

    So I tried the same thing with the Suar class and it did the same but gave me "S" instead.

    So you'd think it would be down to a problem with the size of my text box right? Wrong.

    My text is 16x16 per letter and my box is 200x25. I can have 12 letters and last time I checked Roama was 5 and Suar was 4.

    If anyone could tell me why I have these problems it'd be a massive help because this project is doing my head in yet my other

    projects have been fine with these easy stuff.

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  • It will be very difficult to offer realistic assistance unless you upload an example that we can look at.

    That way, we can easily see if there is an issue with your Events or whether you have encountered an actual bug in the C2 program.

  • Is there a way to upload my project file privately? Since it's bare bones I don't mind sharing it if it will help me overcome this problem.

    Thank you for the quick response, didn't know the forum was this fast for a response feel bad for taking so long to respond haha.

  • Best advice I ever received from a grey beard:

    "Sometimes the best thing you can do is break for coffee and talk."


    "When in doubt, threaten the little computer with mortal harm. Remind it what happened to the last little computer, and how we still have not found all of the pieces."

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