How can i make a daily quest / hourly cooldown

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Give your players time based rewards, checks how long player has been away to display time remaining to reward.
  • Okay so I've seen plenty of mobile games where you have the following features:

    * A daily quest that changes every day at a set time - either random or the same for all players

    * A week/month quest that ends at a certain time and rewards players who participated

    * Hourly/Minute countdowns - countdown to next free item claim, cooldown for healing characters/sending them on missions

    I'm really passionate about trying to create a compelling app people can come back to a few times a week but so far I've not come up with anything. Can someone provide guidance?

  • These plugins may help:

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  • Thanks for reminding me of that plugin.

    I had tried it once before but I seem to have run into a problem with it.

    When I try and incorporate that with save functionality, it doesn't seem to work anymore.

    For example if it picks the "time away" at 3.1 seconds, then I save the game and load back into the game, it sets it to 3.1 again, regardless of time spent away...

    I need some way to accumulate the time-away to a stored value and then make sure that time away works as intended.

    Can I store and load the value using the webstorage functionality?

  • Rex has two plugins - one for local storage and one for web storage. There are also demo capx.

    I don't have much experience with it. See my capx in this post, it should give you the idea how to use this plugin:

  • I'll give that a try.

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