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  • Hello! Tiled backround object now cutting from right and bottom.

    I wondering can I create one tiled backround object and use texture wich consist form different sprites (tileset) and select cutting texture from top and left? Actualy it will different sprites but one tiled backround object.

    Thank you!

  • Look into masking. There's a masking example in C2 which should help.

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  • Thank you for reply! Are you mean sprite1 covers sprite2? 2 times more sprites?

    I am looking for optimizing my game for mobile and try to use ONE tiled background object for all non-moving objects.

    Thank you!

  • Maybe it's impossible?

  • For example I have 6 tiles texture of earth.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    How can I use ONE tiled background object "earth" for all kinds of tiles: left grass, right grass and etc?

    Thank you!

  • why not just use a sprite and each image will be a different frame of animation in the sprite. Set animation speed to 0 and manually set the frame for whichever image you need to show just like they did in the platformer tutorial. Import the images as frames in an animation.

  • Thank you! I recently found that using tiled background is improve FPS on mobile. And I try to use tiled for all static objects. Even I fill all level with one tiled background object my FPS stay on place (~40), but if I using sprites for every platform I have FPS about 10.

    Thank you anyway!

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