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  • I was wondering if anyone has a capx file for when before a lvl begins a story/cut-scene occurs

  • That's a very complicated question. There are an infinite amount of ways to do a cutscene, it all depends on what you're trying to do. Is it just a couple pictures flashing before a stage starts? Is the player going through a scripted sequence? Did you want a quick animation to play before starting? The method used all depends on what you're trying to accomplish.

  • If there is no tutorial for it maybe someone could be inspired to do one.

    I will put it on my list to do when I finish my first game

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  • You could have it where the cutscene is triggered by completing the previous level. The very last event could be something like "On 'something happening', go to 'cutscene layout'".

    Another option would be to trigger it at the start of the new level and have both the cutscene and the new level on the same layout, but this might be a little more difficult to manage unless you're really organized.

    For the actual cutscene it can be anything, like what TL22 said. You could have images that fade in and out, maybe have them move a little and text fade in/out. Or you could do animation if you have the patience to do it.

  • sorry for late reply and i did find a way ill try making a tutorial on it if i have time

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