How do I Make Cutscenes

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  • In this topic I'd like to hear some of your ideas regarding cutscenes in Construct 2.

    How would I go about building one?

    Some examples of situations I'm talking about:

    -After a bossfight you want to show an animation where the boss explodes and the player casually walks away

    -A Dialogue sequence with a storm on the background

    So let's hear it

    Do you do it all with events in C2 itself

    Do you make one big animation sprite that takes up the whole screen and add it in a separate layout?

    Or any other way?

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  • No ideas?

  • if You are using the platformer behaviour you could use the start ignoring input command and the carry out whatever animations are required on the various sprites using the simulate control commands and various animation planes


    You could just have a video play with the sprite animations already loaded come up and then disappear but remember to have the positions set to match the end positions of the cut scenes

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