How do I make my cutscene work ?

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  • Hi there,

    I made a cutscene using a globale variable and several steps, here is a screenshot :

    I don't understand why but the first step (variable = 0) works, then the character is mirrored and after that she is supposed to simply go on and walk but she stops every second and is mirrored again. Everything is fine, I made no mistake, I must be ignoring something about C2 logic ?

  • You'd want to add "System: Trigger once" to each of those three events. Event 14 is running (and queueing up all those actions) every tick while Scenes = 0. You only want it to run once.

  • I'm so stupid, I actually know that. Thanks ramones , let's move on to the next problem ahahah I just did what you told me and now the character won't move at all...

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  • Ah yeah I didn't look at the actions properly. Because you're using 'Simulate pressing right' you actually want it to run every tick.

    You could split it into two events:

    Scenes = 0: Simulate pressing right

    Scenes = 0

    Trigger once: Wait x seconds...

  • Wouldn't it be easier to use the timer behaviour instead of the wait action?

    scenes = 0

    -- every tick

    simulate pressing right

    -- trigger once

    start timer with tag "scenes0a" for 15 seconds

    on timer "scene0a"

    set maximum speed to 40

    start timer "scenes0b" for 3.5 seconds

    on timer "scene0b"

    -- set maximum speed to 30

    -- start timer "scenes0c" for 1.5 seconds

    on timer "scene0c"

    set maximum speed to 40

    start timer "scenes1a" for 0.5 seconds

    on timer "scene1a"

    set scenes to 1

    sprite set mirrored


  • OK guys thanks very much I'll try that tonight and let you know, cheers!

  • Hi,

    ramones, thank you so much, that works perfectly. I am not finished with the cutscene yet but I'll post a link once it's done so that you can see the results

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