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  • Hey there,

    I'm struggling with a cutscene for a few days now. I started the complete scene over and over again and now i came to the point, where i just can't go on. Usually i can do quite complex stuff in construct2, but i really struggle with something that shouldnt be that hard to do.

    The scene is about: Camera scrolls to character > Character playing animation > Camera scrolls back to where enemy appear

    This is done by triggering the story-variables for the different sections of the scene. Sorry i can only provide those 2 pictures of my event sheet.

    Now what i don't understand, when the variable reaches 3, i saw in debug mode that it changes back to variable 1 and i kinda mixes the whole process with the 3rd part, ending in a total mess.

    I couldnt get my head around what exactly is happening here. This is maybe the third time i did this scene, each time with different programming, but none ever get me the right results.

    I really really need help with this, what is happening here?

  • Okay, i just gave up on doing complex cutscenes in construct. The story-variable strangely messes up going up to 7, even if it's impossible getting that high, cause i never use add amount for this variable, only used "set to".

    Probably just add prerendered animations.

  • Making cutscenes is very possible..

    Maybe you should lose the "wait" actions and use timers ( or wait for signal actions)..

    I don't see any triggered events..

  • LittleStain I tried that before, but thx anyway!

  • LittleStain I tried that before, but thx anyway!

    It would take 1 minute to get it working..

    Replace the wait with the timer behaviour..

    The way you are doing it now every tick the wait action is called..

  • LittleStain Ok if you say so, i'm gonna try it again, but as i said, i'm struggling for days with this and almost tried everything possible way known to me.

    Anyway gonna test it again!

    Thx Littlestain!

  • Okay, i had to start all over cause i deleted the whole cutscene. I never used timer before for this kind of stuff. So now the timer "story1" starts with 6 seconds and should set the "story-variable" to 1, right? But the timer doesnt work in this setup, am i misunderstanding the use of timers here?

  • Well, you are (re)starting the timer every tick, while you only should trigger it once..

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  • Oh stupid me! Thank you!

  • Sorry to bother you again, i thought it's the "trigger once" which was missing. Now i tried it with that, but still doesn't work. I don't understand why...

    I don't have any problems with the timer in my battle-system, they all work fine.

    Guess i still have a lot to learn...

  • I'm not sure why event 12, 13, 15 and 16 all have the same condition..

    If it's true in event 12, it has to be true in its subevents..

    Also I would make event 18 a top level event..

    Event 18 is already a triggered event, so the trigger once subevent is not needed..

    Using trigger once as a subevent could be an issue, why not put it as a condition in the event itself..

    (you seem very fond of unneeded subevents)

    I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work than, but I don't know if any of the events not in the screenshot are conflicting..

    It seems there are more subevents of the story=0 below..

  • Okay. I did it all over again, just to be sure. Even made a new timer and a new variable, just for testing. I don't know what it is, my other timers work fine, but this one won't work.

  • This should work if you have no conflicting events..

    I recreated it and all is working..

  • LittleStain Thank you so much for your effort! I also like to thank scirra for the great, friendly and fast support! I guess there is something going wrong on my layout, otherwise it should work like in your example.

  • Just to be clear, I have nothing to do with Scirra other than being a Construct2 user, like yourself..

    The people answering questions on this forum do so in their own time to help others learn..

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