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  • Hi all

    Can anyone post example of a sample sprite cutscene?

    I didn't find any example in the site.

    Thank's for any help

  • A cutscene is basically a layout that is filled with procedural events and sprites related to your scene.

    So you may have player in Layout A containing your game logic event sheet, then when he enter a door, you could switch to Layout B which contains all events related to cutscenes in Layout B.

    Doing cutscenes in C2 will require a bit of work in events.

  • Thank's for the replay

    But anyone can post a capx for this?

  • It's impossible to create a generic cutscene, because cutscenes are game-specific.

    If you are making a game about an ice-cream-eating girl, you would want something completely different from a cutscene for a game with tanks on a battlefield.

    Not only would the scene be different, but because of the different behaviours and all other aspects of your game, the way of making the curscene through events would be different.

    Making a cutscene in general would mean creating timed events, uninterupted by player input (apart from a skip button, so people could choose not to watch). The timing could be done by timers, or you could trigger the next event when the previous event has completed. If you'd like to use the same sprites as in the game, most behaviours have a way to simulate input and that could be used to create cutscenes in which the behaviour doesn't differ from the game-play.

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  • I more or less agree with the answers above. We can't really provide you with a generic capx you could iterate on, or get inspired by.

    Because there's a lot of way to go about making a cut-scene.

    The only useful advice I can think about is a general workflow:

    1/ write down what information you want to provide to the player during your cut-scene

    2/ storyboard the shots. This allows you to know what will be animated and how

    3/ once you validated the storyboard you can start to create the necessary assets and divide things into what should be frame-by-frame animated (into sprite objects) and what should be scripted.

    For example, if you need to simulate a panning, you can probably just scroll the layout. But if you need to show a character acting, you will probably need a bit of frame-by-frame animation (you would put inside a sprite)

    4/ now you're ready to implement your cutscene.

    Also, one useful tool would be Spriter:

    -site officiel

    -post on the forum

    -c2 blog about spriter

    Your cut-scene could actually be entirely animated in Spriter. And it would be an interesting and valid solution. But Spriter isn't free, that's why it's not my main answer.

    Otherwise you should probably have some control over how things are sequenced during your cut-scene. Either by using some kind of timer variable to trigger events after some given seconds or by detecting when a sequence of movement is over and triggering the other sequence.

    Some might also cut the sequences into groups and activate/deactivate them.

    Hard to be more specific than that... really =)

  • Thank you guys alot for the help.

    This is a what i want.

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