How do I cut off text outside of a tiled bg?

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  • Hi. I played around with blend modes for quite some time but could not manage to create the desired effect. Does anyone know or if this is even possible with blend modes?

    I have a background image, a tiled background with transparency in the middle and a text object which scrolls from bottom to top but it should be only visible if it is inside the area of the tiled bg and "cut off" below and above the tiled bg. Any ideas?

  • Maybe rearrange the layers top to bottom:

    The Rest Of The Layout (everything except the Tiled BG & the Text)


    Tiled Background

    so that the text can be hidden by the stuff you said is "below & above the tiled bg".


  • Thank you for your example I already thought about doing this but the background is a very big/colorful image and I had to slice it and then put it together again. I can do this, but it would be nice if it would be possible without slicing the image and just using blend modes (if possible).

    Here is an example screenshot:

    Text should be invisible in the small part below the grey area and above it. So the text is only visible on the greay area (tiledBG) and should scroll from bottom to top.

  • Yeah, it would be better to do this without slicing up your bg. I don't know much about blend modes...I'll be interested to see the solution.

  • You can use blend modes for masking/cutting out things.

  • That's it! Thank you.

    But I had to search a bit to find the objects with a different blendmode. So you have to use ForceOwnTexture+Blendmode.

    /update: I tried to copy the effect from your example and created a new layer on top, added the tiledbg objects, set them to destinationout and then enabled forceowntexture for the layer but the text one layer below is still visible. :/

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  • Sorry for that, It's habit to recycle existing object.

    Masks and Text must be on same layer. Text object must be below masks.


    I've modified my example to explain better what's going on.


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