How do I make a customize character system

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  • The player chooses different skin tones and differ classes of character and even weapons? Telling me how to do this would be very helpful. Sending me a .capx file of this would earn yourself a big spot in my credits

  • As I mentioned in the other post, this is just another mechanic that is fairly simple to make if you know the basics of C2. You would need to make use of arrays and store inventory items as slots.

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  • I'm quite aware using arrays can get the work done however I'm not quite sure how to go about and that is what my question is asking

  • How have you set your character up?

    Just animations or more complicated?

    Just setting global variables would/could do this..

    If Skintone is "white" set animation to..


  • LittleStain Yes I have my character ready, there is no real skintone players choose from shapes (circle squares or trangles) There are different designs which the player can choose from and there are three different weapon types

  • So you'd need one global variable for shape, one for design and one for weapon..

    When the player chooses, set the variable..

    On start of the game layout, set the right object and weapon depending on the variables..

    Pretty easy..

  • LittleStain thanks for the clarification but um one more thing, how do I make it so that player can choose color using a slider bar???

  • I'm not sure..

    Do you have the colours as animations or are you using a webgl effect to change the colour?

    A slider-bar only gives number-output, so you'd either use it to set the parameters of your effect or the number of the colour-animation..

  • LittleStain wait so if the colors were animations, would a slider bar help????

  • LittleStain wait so if the colors were animations, would a slider bar help????

    Help with what?

    A slider bar is just a UI-element..

    If you want the player to use a slider bar, you add one..

    In my opinion UI-elements should be straightforward and easy to understand, so if you have for example 5 colours to choose from, I wouldn't use a slider-bar, but you are the creator..

  • linkman2004



    Hey guys I'm near completion of my game, and would like to put you in the credits. I was wondering if you wanted to be referred to by your usernames or real names. If you choose real names, then PM me your name... And thanks for your help.

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